The Stalker Files…

Hello everyone, if your curious about the previous post I just put up, here is the explanation.

My current game, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, has well, got me hooked.  (And I am playing the modded version: “Oblivion Lost” if anyone is curious).  And one of the things I wanted to put on this blog was a short story (or many short stories if I’m honest) but my current project is too far from public release and I haven’t had any decent material to draw upon to make a good short story…until now.  I won’t explain STALKER: SOC, but I’ll let the nice wiki website here explain it all for me.  It is rare for me to get hooked into a game like this, to have such emotion come from me due to a game.  (Apart from disgust/rage ;))  STALKER contains a lot of elements I’ve always wanted from a game, a huge world to play in.  To make decisions that impact the game.  To play in a truly unique universe with its own story, its own rules and its own lore.  Oh the lore in this game is fantastic and I’ve barely scratched the surface if I had to guess.  And the atmosphere is something else, the developers just did a great job on it all.  I am truly impressed with the game.  Even more impressed that I can be creeped out, scared half to death or nearly lose my mind from paranoia.  ;). But seriously, great job and I’ve hardly even hit the half way point.

But remember what I said about being scared to death?  Well….there is this part of the game.  The X18 labs.  Apparently an underground bunker of labs built before the accident and creation of “The Zone” in STALKER.  And I am at the point of the game that I must go into and explore the labs.  Thanks to a friend of mine on Twitter…@MoonshineFox…he has done nothing but make the labs out to be the equivalent of Mount Doom in this game.  And I’d be lying if I wasn’t scared to death to go into the labs (thanks to him).  How can you blame me?  Everywhere I turn if I’m not being irriadiated, I’m being attacked by invisible bloodsucking monsters that scream at you!  But as these labs cannot be bypassed, well, I have no choice but to bravely soldier on!

So here we come to today, this is great material for me to create a story based on the game.  (Which btw means that I hold no copyright to those games, my story and other etc legal bs). This game is rather M for Mature so be warned, though its unlikely that my story will get all that graphic, it will be kept on a game level, and you’ll just get to see inside my head as I “revisit” the memory of the game.  Which is the general plan of the stories, to revisit the game the day after in a story format that I hope is entertaining.

For now, my plan is to only cover the part of the game as far as the X18 Labs are concerned and the journey through them.  Unless I get a demand for more content, that is as much of the game as I will write about.  For me, this is something fun that I’ve wanted to try out and I hope you see this as well.  This is a dark universe so don’t expect a lot of sunshine and daisies throughout the story ;).

Oh btw, obligatory SPOILER warning.  I will not be holding back on the game so if you care about spoilers as far as the X18 laboratory is concerned, would not continue reading my short stories.  As far as the history of the game is concerned, I think my first post was pretty light on spoilers. As far as the rest of the stories are concerned, well, I will not warn if there is a spoiler section so read at your own risk.  I do not know how the game ends (and have been avoiding any potential spoilers online) so you at least won’t likely read anything spoilerific about the ending of STALKER in these stories. I would also appreciate it if no one spoiled the game for me.  Thanks :).

So that’s it really.  All posts pertaining to The Stalker Files will be filed under the “My Stories” category and I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did writing them.  :).  Btw, go here to read the story.

-King Isaac Linksr

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