Steam sale ends…

And it is the end of the Steam summer sale.  The second sale I’ve payed close attention to since I became a member of Steam a few years ago.  I actually didn’t plan on watching it much, but I figured what the heck and a week passed.  Unlike the last steam sale where I went…slightly…crazy, I held back and only got a few games this time around.  Did get a bunch of tickets for the Steam grand-prize-giveaway so who knows, might win?  That would be nice, though unlikely as I have about the lousiest luck at lotteries in the world.  *shrug*.  Anyway, so I got the following games added to my collection.

Fairly certain I mentioned this before, but I got Braid, an Indie puzzle-platformer.  This one caught my eye during the winter sale, but for whatever reason that I cannot remember, I passed on it.  This time around, I picked it up and am enjoying what I have played so far.  Reminds me of Mario, except with no fireballs but add in time as a factor with puzzles to solve.  I think I’ve said this before as well, but for someone who apparently doesn’t like the puzzle-genre, I sure buy the games from the genre…(probably in denial)

Next up, I was gifted Trine (thanks btw) and this is another game that caught my eye during the winter sale last year, but I passed on.  I’m not even sure why I passed on it either.  Haven’t played much of it (really busy) but looks promising!  🙂  Trine is a 2-D indie action & fantasy game.  Got some nice graphics from what I’ve seen so far!

Now, I had seen Beat Hazard before, but I hadn’t given it a try until I saw it was 75% off.  No real reason why, considering the demo can be played whenever, but this time I decided to give it a try.  And this game fit right in.  Great visuals, spaceships blowing up other spaceships, music-themed gameplay and pretty explosions/visuals.  I did mention visuals right?  ;).  Fortunately, I am immune to any ill effects created the strobe effects made by these games. This one will be a fun, play whenever type of game.

Finally, I got Fate of the WorldThis game came out about five months ago and got my attention when talked about the game.  It fits a niche I’ve been wanting to fill in the strategy genre for a while now, with its card-playing style.  Although based on the reviews I’ve seen thus far, this looks like another game that is much-too-hard, similar to SpaceChem that I got a while back.  Not that it is a bad thing to be hard, gives me a much needed challenge sometimes. So that will be interesting to see how it plays.

And that’s it.  Steam’s sale this time around seemed to have less variety compared to last winter, maybe something to do with the summer months.  The prizes available via tickets was also a tad disappointing, the best one really being the Ai War: Fleet Command expansion.  However, they are free prizes so can’t really complain.  Was also glad to hear that Arcen Games had a high amount of people buy their game during their one-day-85%-game sale. In the six-digit figures too, which is crazy considering how much the game cost that day…

Btw, as always, I am findable on Twitter and Steam at KingIsaacLinksr.  =)

So with that, I think I’ll finish this up.  I am currently deep into STALKER: Shadow Of Chernobyl (as evidenced by tweets as of late ;)).  For those that know the game, I am heading towards the Dark Valley.  Still looking for a co-op player for Portal 2 atm.  So with that, happy gaming everyone and have a great week!  I also hope us, Americans, had a great July 4th this year!  And remember, if what your doing on your time off isn’t fun, then it isn’t worth doing.  🙂

-King Isaac Linksr

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