Thoughts on Transformers Dark Of the Moon…

(No spoilers ahead)

I got back from seeing this film.  Transformers and myself have never gotten along well, mostly thanks to Michael Bay or whoever made the dumb decision to push out Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.  That movie is completely unwatchable.  (And that list isn’t very big)  Way too many cliches, way too many stupid things in it and the humor simply didn’t even get a chuckle.  So it is fair to say that for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, I had low expectations.  Way lower than even Pirates of the Caribbean 4.  I only had faith in the robots at least looking good, beyond that, I figured it was a lost cause… So did it finally provide the robot-smashing, popcorn-crunching, nail-biting action that the first two should have had?

Well, no, because I had no popcorn.  Darn you over-expensive theater popcorn!!!!  ;).  In all seriousness, this movie provided action and entertainment like the first two should have had.  The humor hit home pretty decently, the characters are two dimensional to be sure and the “hot actress” is well…a hot actress.  If your expecting a deep plot or characters, your watching a Michael Bay film and you need to slap yourself for that expectation.  :P.  It has lots of explosions, it has lots of marines shooting and killing robots, it has robots having big, smack-em-up fights and it has explosions.  Did I mention the explosions?  ;).  There are innuendos in this film, but it is not nearly as bad as it was in the last movie and the robots themselves are not part of the jokes as they were in the last film.  There are also several movie quotes that you should watch out for, they do come and go.  🙂  Humans, while having a better effect on the story, actually die quite often in this movie, no longer being super beings that they were in the previous two movies.  To say that they were dropping like flies would not be too far from the truth in this case.  And there are some surprising scenes in this movie, which I cannot go into since its spoiler territory.

It does have Leonard Nimoy, playing Sentinel Prime (not really a spoiler), and he does a great job and his character feels deep because of him so it was great to have him in the movie.  Megatron also feels like a better villain in this movie, a little more defeated, a little more scheming than in his previous two movies.  Sam is prominent in the movie, but for some reason, he works to a degree but if you don’t like him….you just won’t like him.  The parents are all but gone from the movie, showing up for a total of maybe 15-20 minutes in the movie.  I seriously hated them from the previous two movies, finding them very unfunny and a waste of time to even have on-screen.  In this movie, they are toned down and the dad actually cracks you up once or twice. As for the robots, they actually feature very prominently in this movie, shocking isn’t it?  Agent Sector 7 as I refer to him is in the movie and funny as ever.

I think what made this movie so great for me is that it felt like it took itself seriously for the first time.  The first movie was semi-serious, but nothing all that great.  The second one was a giant comedy film with a terrible plot and some annoying twin-robots, you know which ones I’m referring to.  This one actually sat down, took itself seriously as it could with the giant robots going at each other.  I’m not sure if there are any plot holes and if there were, it was secondary.  If there are extremely annoying characters, they are there and gone within minutes.  I think that’s what helps the film, its all about the robots with human characters on the side coming in and out of the movie fairly quickly.  Only a few humans stick throughout the entire movie and they are at decent enough in their roles.

To summarize, if you let your brain disengage and let your senses be enveloped by this movie, you’ll find a very enjoyable ride that I wish didn’t have to end.  The action is carried out well and the third act is one giant fight scene which really, is all we demanded out of Transformers in the first place.  It isn’t my most favorite film of the year by far, but it is one of my favorite action films of the year and I may end up buying it because of that.  So go see it, grab some (preferably inexpensive) popcorn and just let yourself be carried on a ride of epic robot fighting action.

-King Isaac Linksr

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