Musings: The Fall of CCP – Aftermath…

This post is to conclude the dealings with CCP and the recent outrage that the entire gaming community felt.

CCP released two blog posts after my previous blog post on the subject.  One is an apology made for basically being a jerk to the public.  The second is the “accord” made by CCP and CSM.

I’m not really going to nitpick through it all and talk about it, that is up for you to do so, but if you do wish to discuss it with me, by all means contact me.  Rather, I’m just going to pick out my biggest problems with CCP’s handling of this situation and talk about it.

CCP handled Incarna and the aftermath poorly.  More poorly than any other gaming company I’ve seen in my time.  Their responses were few and far between which only served to add fuel to the already out of control fire. The responses they did make both officially and unofficially were disturbing at best and disrespectful to the community that their company is built upon.  That should not have been their first responding to the incident.  Your emotions (Zulu) should never have gotten out of control.  You are paid to be a professional and to talk to the public professionally.  If I can work 40 hours a week with the public, have a smile on my face and talk with respect to the customers, you, good sir, can put out a blog once a month that doesn’t contain your anger, venom and issues with the customer.  Heck, I’m sure your paid way better than I am too.

The expansion itself is anything but an expansion.  It is quite literally 15-30 minutes of content with plenty of flashy visuals.  Now, I’m not one to dismiss flashy visuals, but if they have absolutely no substance, then its pointless.  Even if the expansion is an entry into a world of something bigger, there is literally no point to anything of what you can do in Captain’s Quarters.  Its actually very redundant with the menu bar to the left of the screen. Redundancy of this kind is…well redundant.  Had they thrown in a commons area for players, bar or even casino that would have made the expansion worth it.  But instead all they did was improve the beginning player experience and left it at that.  Had anyone paid for this expansion, the company would have been laughed out of the industry.  However, I believe that CCP has no choice but to take notice of this, as they lost a portion of their player base.  No matter how you look at this, the expansion failed to bring in players and ended up losing thousands of players, some of those deleted permanently.

I dislike micro transactions as they stand now.  While one day I could see them being used to push gaming in a better direction, they are too easily used by greedy companies to make substandard games.  Heck, I’ve seen it with my own eyes from companies like Ngmoco.  With subscription games adopting MTs as of late, it really makes me wonder what I pay $XX amount per month for anymore.  So I am disappointed that they won’t be backing down from it…

Its good they answered the player base of Eve, despite that it took them a lot of days to do this.  Whether you trust CCP or CSM again is up to you.  For now, it stands thus.

At the end of the day, I am disappointed.  I am disappointed by how CCP handled this event.  CCP did break my trust in them.  I forgive Zulu for being such a jerk to the public, but I can not trust the company and it will take time for them to regain that. When CCP returns to actually making deep content, great new features and fixes stuff, then I may turn my eyes back to Eve. For now, I accept their apology to the playerbase, but will watch from a far distance from now on.

Fly safe my Eve friends, fight for a better future, for this warrior moves on to new horizons now…

-King Isaac Linksr


  1. I like that you avoided getting hip-deep in the mire that is the lingering discussion on the veracity of the joint statement.

    I do agree they’ll have to work hard to regain our trust.

    One thing I find rather incredulous is how they was so much transparency with the deployment of Incursion, and within half a year they were virtually tight-lipped about Incarna. Sure, they mentioned what was going to be in this first phase, but it was within a week or so, not a month prior, right? And we still have mostly sketchy details on the when and what the rest of the phases, unlike what I felt about Incursion. I generally follow the devBlogs pretty closely (even trying to read the ones I half-understand all the way through, like the networking ones), and, for the most part, Captain’s Quarters actually did not surprise me with its lack of content, since I felt the devBlogs on the issue did a half-decent job at least mentioning it was going to be sparse for this initial phase… But I would have also expected some guidelines on when the next phases would be coming out. Instead, all I’ve got are rumors that maybe they’ll be around sometime in August and then November/December. The whole rest of the year actually finishing the main content of Incarna (which, supposedly, will actually involve those bars or casinos or whatever, in the end), and something from CCP Navigator saying Team BFF will be giving us Flying in Space people something to look forward to maybe in the Fall or whatever.

    Ah well… I’m willing to show some more patience. Thanks for a post devoid of either fanboying or conspiracy theorizing and just straight up criticism of the situation.

    • Thanks for the comment and I agree, the amount of information on Incarna was eerily missing compared to expansions before then and I’ve been through at least four expansions of Eve and this one was easily the worst experience of the bunch. Before, during, and after.

    • I suspect the reason we didn’t hear much about what was going into Incarna was because CCP didn’t know what they would have ready until the last minute.

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