Thoughts on Latest AVWW Blog: Side View, Undergrounds, and Other New Mechanics

This post is in reply to the latest AVWW Blog by x4000 which was made here:

So as I posted to earlier today, AVWW went for a side scroller, now he explains in greater details the goals for this game.

My most favorite picture of this game, that skeleton just looks great with the art style.  I don’t think I stressed it enough (hehe) but the game’s art and style just looks really, really REALLY pretty.  Ok, on with the post.

His thoughts on the motivations for the game is excellent and quite what I had hoped the game would be about.  “The most basic answer is: to heal the broken world as best you can.  The world is torn, troubled, and overrun by evil.  People are scattered, disorganized, and civilization has fallen.  You play as a series of individuals (permadeath, remember — every time you die it’s a new character), and collectively all your characters are trying to help improve the world in whatever ways you see fit.”  Just this on its own is awesome.  One thing I never liked about LOZ or Metroid is that you go about killing the bad guys and that’s it.  The story ends, nothing new to do and you go off into the sunset.  I realize that for many, that’s all they care about in the game but it still leaves a very bittersweet moment for me.  The Gameboy Color version of LOZ: Seasons and Time (I think those were the names) did something different by letting you explore the world after you finished the boss, but it was very dull and there was hardly any reason to continue playing.  Pretty much all the games afterward just stopped after the credits rolled.  So I love that this is an actual adventure game.  The adventure shouldn’t just stop after you defeat Ganon, as that isn’t what happens in real life and there should be more after it.  I’m intrigued by what he calls the “Deeds System” and will no doubt love to hear more about it. But to finish my thought, I’m glad he explained this system a little more and it just whets the appetite for this game.  It is exactly what I was hoping for.

“A Focus On Magic, Traps, and “Scrolls” Instead Of Physical Weapons

It is too bad it went more magic based, as I tend to like physical weapons more but each game has their own affinity so I can’t complain about this change a lot.  Just express some minor disappointment :).

I will say though, Crests reminds me of Digimon Adventure TV series.  Tell me I’m not the only one who thought of that show.  😉 (Probably am)

The newly redesigned crafting system and spell system are just things I will have to experience in game before I make determinations on it.

“My view is that it’s fun to have a couple of rare pockets in the game that have this sort of unbridled hostility against the player — it’s the sort of place I’ll enjoy going occasionally, myself — but it can’t be more than 1% of the areas in the game, if even that high of a percentage.”  <3 this.  There is simply not enough of this in games as it is.  It tends to be that those difficult areas are required and a pain to go through or never exist at all.  And doesn’t this reflect the entire point of a game like this to have such deadly dangerous areas?  I think this is what is missing from games like Oblivion or similar genre types.  Glad to hear that this will be in the game, these dark and death like areas.

Really, that is all I have to say.  My excitement for the game has increased even more so and will love playing the BETA whenever it comes out.  If your just as interested, it seems multiplayer will be in it as well, which is always awesome.  Anyway, just me geeking out here so carry on!

-King Isaac Linksr

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