Thoughts on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides…

(No Spoilers, except for the previous movies in the series)

Ahh Captain Jack Sparrow, how I missed you.  You know, it still blows me away that four movies have been inspired simply because of one ride at Disneyland.  How can you not applaud them for making something out of ride?  And four well made movies at that!  Does the fourth in the once-a-trilogy series stand the test of the stranger tides that it finds itself in?  Well, read on. (Spoilers only for the prior trilogy, not this movie)

Pirates four, it is an interesting movie because it takes itself out of a trilogy setup that it had been originally, although I guess if you think about it, it was only supposed to be one movie and takes what was good about the original and put it in the fourth.  It does take out the love relationship of Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley but…yet puts another one back in.  I really wish they had just dropped any romantic relationships out of it, but alas I guess one had to be put in.  Fortunately, this love relationship is mostly in the background and doesn’t have the focus like the first three had.

I think one of the weaker points of the movie is the supporting cast.  They simply didn’t have the impact that the secondary characters had in the original.  This is probably due to the fact that it focuses on Jack Sparrow and Barbossa more than anything else.  Which is great, I love both characters and really feel like the movies are at their strongest when these two pirates go at each other or the world.  You can easily see when the movies are weak in the Dead Man’s Chest movie when Barbossa is missing for 99% of the movie.

Overall, its a return to the formula that made the first one great.  The plot is disjointed, the lack of a certain type of fighting is disappointing and some characters are a bit flaky, but honestly, I could care less.  It is a fun action film with Johnny Depp at the helm of the movie with a different, quirky villain and a surprising actor that shows up at the beginning.  It has a lot of laughs, good action and some interesting scenes.  I have to say, the ending did twist things about and one particular villain threw me off guard for what he/she was going to do.  Always great to be unable to predict villain’s motives. The new actress Penelope Cruz also does a good job.

If your going to see this movie, see it for Barbossa, see it for Jack Sparrow (captain) and see it for a fun romp in the universe that is Pirates of the Caribbean.  It isn’t the greatest movie this year, but it is far from the worst movie and you should have some fun seeing it.  Just don’t take it too seriously, grab some popcorn and get ready to have some fun.  🙂

-King Isaac Linksr


  1. I liked the first, hated the rest. It’s just a regurgitation of the same concept over and over again with nothing new brought to the table. Judging from the first three I have no interest in this one at all.

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