Spring Term is Over!…

Well, it is finally over….the spring term, the second year of being back to school and another year of being a full time student.  I’ve had my ups, my downs, and my in-between.  I introduced a new gadget to a world that hardly knows anything about it, met some new people and worked hard.  At the end of the day, I’m just thankful to be done with it.  Its a bittersweet moment.  Mostly sweet, but there is some bitterness.  My plans are to move out of the town I am currently in to another one, with a college and all of that.  So the connections I made here are already going to be shattered, just like that.  Just like what happened before.  That seems to be the lot of my life.  Start gaining traction in a place and then not a few months later pull up shop and leave it behind.  Its frustrating, being caught between worlds, never finding my place.  But I guess that’s why my blog is named what it is….

But enough of the depressing stuff, what gadget was I referring to before?  Well, not that hard to figure out but it was the iPad.  Yeah, around here the population of iPads is very small, and I was the first (and so far only) college student to get an iPad 2.  Teachers underestimated the power the device has.  I will be talking more about that in the next post I publish, but to say that the iPad worked like a dream is an understatement. More on that next post.

So plan this summer?  Well post a bit more often, I want to get a project I’ve been musing on up and running but no details on when that will be and I hope to learn a new language soon.  I’ll also be going to be doing two classes this summer due to timing really.  I am graduating with an Associates degree from the college here so that’s great and I’ll be moving onto my BS this fall.  That will be an interesting change…

Gaming wise, I have nearly completed the Half Life series.  1-2 Episode 2.  That has been quite the journey.  Hope to finish it by the end of the weekend.  Been playing Infinity Blade on the iPad when I got the chance as well as a few other games (two of which I reviewed).  After Half Life 2, I will be delving into S.T.A.L.K.E.R series.  That will be a pretty creepy/fun one from what I’ve seen and played.  Will be a bit of a change from the Half Life universe.  Otherwise just been playing Defense Grid or whatever other games come to mind.  Wouldn’t mind starting up some epic adventures in AIW, though I might be put thoughts like that on pause until I get a better internet.  Mine currently is way too slow.

So that’s in a nut shell.  Busy times, so I hope you are well and keep going now!  🙂

So thanks for reading as always!  🙂

-King Isaac Linksr

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