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First off, I have to say, WOW.  And then second: WOW.  This is my last DVD from Netflix for the foreseeable future as I am going all streaming.  Cheaper costs, no hassle with DVDs, etc.  It was actually supposed to be Dead Space: Aftermath to be the final movie (which was pretty meh tbh) but Netflix was on the ball and got me this movie and I have to say, for finishing out my DVDs, this movie was rather….wowsers.  No, its not really that current, heck probably most people have seen it so I thought I’d just share a few thoughts on it.  After all, this is my blog.  Its not like you have to read any of this.  You could always leave comments too.  To tell me if you want my thoughts on the matter anyway so the only person to blame is yourself that I publish this stuff. 😉

Now, Crimson Tide for those of you that don’t know, is this: (From Netflix DVD description) (Also note: spoilers ahead)

Controversy boils over when Soviet rebels point nuclear weapons at the United States, and a message for the nuclear-missile sub USS Alabama gets cut off during transmission. Capt. Frank Ramsey (Gene Hackman) thinks he’s been ordered to launch a pre-emptive strike, while Lt. Cmdr. Ron Hunter (Denzel Washington) believes the submarine has been ordered to stand down. Will the Alabama prevent a nuclear holocaust, or start one?

I honestly just saw this while rummaging through Netflix’s DVD selection oh….a month ago I’d say.  The main reason it stood out is that had drama aboard a submarine.  And for some reason, I really, really, love those types of movies.  The Hunt For Red October is a very enjoyable movie for me as well as others.  Although watching Sean Connery helps :).  Anywho, I didn’t know a thing about this movie and really just expected a meh-drama, but took a chance.  Should I choose my movies more carefully?  Probably, but lets not get caught up in details. 😛

This movie was just deep.  On a lot of levels and I’m not making a pun here ;).  Now, I will grant, this movie is fictional.  The premise is fictional and technically, it lacks some procedures that absolutely prevent something like this from happening.  But it still was a good drama and it just goes to show a system setup that is considered perfect, can have a flaw that no one can see until it rears its ugly head. Something to think about…

It was a very psychological movie.  You have the one side with the Captain who got his orders to launch.  While the Commander believes that the broken message sent after the launch orders was to counter the order to launch.  I did think ultimately that the Captain was in the wrong.  He ignored procedure when it got inconvenient (yes, the XO did too), he actually planned a mutiny to retake the ship from its current commanding officer, threatened to kill several officers and about darn near did.  No Captain should ever need to kill subordinates unless they were truly disloyal.  It is true that the XO also broke the procedure by believing the incomplete message.  It could have just as easily been the enemy sending a false message.  And this led to the breakdown in the chain of command, put the ship at risk and in chaos.  Which would likely have meant death for the entire crew.

All of this made for a very enjoyable movie.  Some big names in this movie I was surprised to see Viggo, with Denzel and Gene Hackman.  If your into submarine movies (like say, the Red October?) you should check this one out.  Again, there are flaws in this movie, but the human interaction and the intensity make it worth the time to watch it.  🙂

And that’s all!  Have an excellent day and I’ll post to you soon.

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  1. Yeah, I loved this movie and still do. It’s a very well put together film and Denzel is a very good actor.

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