Lack of XP…

Heh, how many people and gamers have heard of that statement before?  I have.  Many times.

But which XP am I referring to?

No, not that XP.

No, I’m referring to experience.  Both in-game and real life experience.

It usually means one of two things: you do not have the right amount of points to reach that certain level.  Or you are not mentally ready for the task at hand. For example, in-game, you don’t quite have the points to hit that certain level or your not ready to raid with a group of 10+ members because you don’t have the knowledge, gear or skill to keep up with the rest of the party (typically this happens in MMORPGs).  In real life this typically just means you have no first hand knowledge, but there are rare circumstances where you simply don’t have the right level.  Just none of those circumstances are coming to mind 😉

So getting to the point, I got rejected from a job recently and I asked them why I was rejected.  That same old phrase came back to haunt me.  “The other applicant had more experience”.  Or: You lack XP.  This is becoming a tired phrase to me.  Ok, I will grant them that times are tough and the more experience an employee has, the more valuable and more worthwhile it is to put $$ into said employee.  However, this was as low a job I could go into the field I am interested in.  If I can’t get this job simply because I lack experience, just how do I get experience then?

And no, before you say “get an education”, that is not a valid source.  To bring back the gaming analogy, you don’t get experience in a game simply from reading the instruction manual or doing the tutorial (unless said tutorial is incredibly advanced, but level with me on this one).  You get experience by going out there and killing the mobs.  You don’t get XP by simply watching YouTube videos of boss fights of WoW villains.  You get experience by experiencing the game. So just how exactly am I supposed to get experience for a job when there is not much lower on the “hierarchy” of jobs for my field?

Its a self-defeating circle.  You need experienced employees, but people looking to get experienced can’t because they don’t have experience and thus its amazing this hasn’t defeated itself you know?  Obviously people have managed to get around it…but it begs the question if Schools really are worth the time.  I guess in a few years, I’ll find out.

So suffice it to say, my job hunt continues.  And so does my college education. Life moves on.  If you have comments, do not hesitate to leave some. 🙂

Anyway, thanks for reading and I will talk to you later.

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