Train Conductor 2: USA Edition Review…

Welcome to my newly revised review of The Voxel Agent’s game: Train Conductor 2: USA Edition.

Before I begin, I have to say my thanks to the developers for releasing updates to both games, as it has renewed my interest in these games and has increased the enjoyment factor :). So onto the review.

*Note: Video is out of date as 2.0 introduced new levels and new graphics.  Gameplay is the same however.

For those not familiar, TC2 is a game where the goal is to get your train onto the right track before it reaches the other side of the screen. You also have to do this without hitting any obstacles or other trains. So what did they change up? Well, quite a few things.

Gone is the time limit and score multiplier mechanic.
Instead of having a time limit on every level of 10 minutes give or take, the levels have an unlimited amount of time until you crash. In a way, this makes it closer to games like Flight Control.  Overall, I’m conflicted if I like this change or not.  On one hand, your not trying to rush through the levels as quickly as possible and its less of a quick-as-you-can finger swiping game and more of a on-your-own-terms type of game.  But on the other hand, you only have 10 tracks to put trains on and you get to a certain part where that is really difficult to redirect the trains.  Due to the fact that every single track gets a train and moving them around is…well to be honest hard.  Still, the game is pretty enjoyable and if you don’t like all the tracks being blocked, the night mode lets you keep going till it gets too fast.

What’s not so good:
Well, it feels like a broken record, but my problem is still the same, which is the lack of content in the game. Granted, there are plenty of tracks to run off and the new Seattle track is easily my favorite track, it would be great to see even more to come to this game. Even if it doesn’t, this isn’t the worst problem the game could have.

You’ll also notice in this game new soundtracks for each level.  This gives each track its own atmosphere and I really like this.  Along with the newly updated graphics, this makes for an enjoyable, casual gaming experience.


Train Conductor 2 is an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch game currently available for 99 cents on the App Store.
If you haven’t, try out Train Conductor for $0.99 in the App Store. Both are well worth the $$. And what is not to like?  You get the game for all your iOS devices for a mere 99 cents.  Plus, your supporting an Indie Developer.  🙂

Final Thoughts:

This game continues to impress and be enjoyable, even after a year of playing it.  The new Seattle level is a lot of great fun and the game has plenty of re-playability.  The graphics, the sounds and music are all just very well polished and stand the test of time.  If your into trains and looking for a casual and fun experience for your iOS device, look no further than Train Conductor 2: USA Edition.

With that, thank you for reading my review of The Voxel Agent’s Train Conductor 2, USA Edition.

Have a great day!


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