About RSS Feeds…

Ok, I have a bone to pick about RSS feeds and bloggers in general.  I have an iPad right?  Well, you can get these RSS reader apps for the iPad to read my RSS feeds I’m subscribed to.  While the apps work very well to bring the blog posts to my iDevice in a great format, there is a problem.  The developers who put their hard time and effort into making these apps has that work wasted in probably 1/2 of my RSS feeds.  Why?  Because for some reason, we need to click the “read more” button in order to read the rest of the blog post.  This is usually after maybe a few sentences or a paragraph.  This……irks me.  Why?  I’ll give you some reasons.

1.  It consumes more data.  On 3G, this is a bigger deal for the obvious reasons. It is true that the amount of data consumed is small, but it is still consumed and your contributing to our ever-growing data costs.

2.  It is not designed for our device.  Mobile safari (and I’m sure the mobile-browser of Droid is too) is good, but when opened in Safari, RSS Posts just don’t look quite as good as in the app we paid for.  It is not as smooth of an experience compared to the app that we are using.  Also any special touch moves or other hardware specialties are lessened.  In other words, it is why Apps from the app store (whichever that is) are more popular than HTML-5 apps/pages.  That app is created specifically for that hardware we are using and not for lowest-common denominator of devices like HTML-5 is. And we paid for the app, let us use it how it was designed.   On the iPhone/Droid phones, this is a bigger deal because the screens are smaller and everything needs to be compressed.  This doesn’t always happen very smoothly since some sites still don’t have mobile versions of themselves.  (Wish I knew why…)

3.  It is irritating!!  Enough said.

4.  There is no reason to do this.  Ok, that was a lie, there is one reason I can think of.  For hit counts.  However, if your doing it for in-post advertising, your doing it wrong.  Safari blocks tracking cookies and flash and this kills a lot of the ability for advertising companies to gain information.  Unlike PC, Apple is not an open book for scummy advertisers to take our data.  And really, you know how many are subscribed, and there are plenty of people who hit you up on their PCs.  You don’t need to force this.

Admittedly, the most common use of this seems to come from News Blog and the like, but I’ve seen others do it.  So please, from all of us with mobile device: quit making us hit the “Read more” link in your blog posts.  It is unnecessary, unneeded and unwelcome.

Anyway, just a rant I needed to air, thanks for reading guys and hey, maybe I’ll actually keep blogging regularly now eh?  eh?  😉  Have a good night! 🙂


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