A Post…

So yeah, its been a while.  At this point it is always going to be a while between posts.  It is life and I cannot do much about that.  Heck though, almost ranted on audioboo about something and it might have come to bite me in the butt had I released such an amusing audio bit.  So what have I been doing besides being lazy?  Well, I got my first iPad, an iPad 2 for that matter and have been spending a lot of time tinkering and finding apps to realize it’s full potential.  I’m still working ever so slowly on “finishing” some games in my Steam list and keeping my education going.  It’s been hard I won’t deny that.  Plus my job.  Yeah.  My job.  blegh. To have a full week of Spring Break ruined by your job just isn’t fun.  But for those that have fun jobs, great for you.

Otherwise, not much to talk about.  Oh I guess I did have that tsunami threat hanging over me about a week ago, that was fun.  My best wishes do go out to Japan and I wish them a swift and painless recovery from this mess.

Anyway, hope your all doing well.  🙂


  1. As always, a highly entertaining read :-p

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