Blog Post: Dead Space and then some…

Hello all, welcome to my humble blog.

Just thought I’d throw out a quick update of what I’ve been doing. Which is generally not much. College progresses on, I’m working and trying to make $$ and except for quite a bit of rain its just an ok start to the year. I just wish I could find another source of income right now. But that is difficult while being in college.

I think I’ve said I got a bunch of games off Steam for Christmas. Well, one of the games I’ve been playing is “Dead Space”. I had been hearing a lot about it over 2010 and, with a couple recommendations, I decided to get it when I saw it on sale. I am not really a horror/scary/gore/etc genre type fan. So to get a game like this, is unusual for myself. I’ve only played 3.1 chapters of this game, but I gotta say, this is a well made game. Its a startle-type horror game so your adrenaline is definitely pumping during this game. Which mine frequently does. I’ve never been affected by a game (or even a movie) like this. Usually after the initial scare I get over it and just yawn at the bad CGI effects. But this game is different. What’s even crazier is despite the scariness (though from what I hear is nothing compared to Amnesia) is there is something strangely compelling about it. I think for me its the mystery of it. So it’ll be interesting to see how this game plays out. This is btw not a review, just my feelings on this crazy game.

Otherwise, nothing concrete on what I’m going to do next, but if things go my way I might actually be doing a review on a game I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Until then, I’m busy on a lot of personal projects both school related and not. Also waiting for the next iPad….the wait is very long…. Also, I hope Steve Jobs makes a quick recovery, the tech world is lesser for him not being around, even on Medical leave.

Stay strong friends and keep happy 🙂

King Isaac Linksr

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