Sony and its stupidity…

So those that might have heard that Sony, the company that created the PS3, is now suing a kid for completely hacking their PS3.  Or for you iPhone users, “Jailbreaking” it.  So rather than Sony just taking it in stride, they go and sue the hackers of the PS3 Why?  Their main justification is for security reasons though the general thinking is to prevent piracy on the PS3.  While the original hacker, George Hotz (GeoHot) had never intended for piracy to occur, since he deliberately made the jailbreak to not work with pirated programs and games.  Obviously someone else could come along and unlock that feature, but in GeoHot’s case, that is not his problem. Really, all this is about is Sony getting mad that someone managed to break their code and that their machine is no longer under their control.

As I see this, this case is fundamentally important.  Do we truly own the devices we paid good $$ for?  I really hope the judge realizes this is what the case is about.  I don’t support Piracy and would rather I never have any reason to do it.  But we as the consumer should have the legal, unbending right to do what we want to our hardware.  From smashing it on the wall a 100 times out of anger to jailbreaking it, giving us extra settings and features that the company doesn’t support.  We paid for it after all and we could do whatever we wish to it.  Short of actual illegal activity of course.

What this case also shows is how shallow and idiotic Sony is.  Their case is trumped up evidence, trying to block the code from being distrusted on the internet.  They seem to forget that once something has gone viral on the internet, is nearly impossible to remove.  They also tried to get it blocked because he had a Twitter, YouTube and Paypal account, which I am happy to see that the judge saw this as way too much power for the courts to have.  “…the judge observed that if using sites like Twitter and YouTube were enough to determine where a case should be tried, “the entire universe would be subject to my jurisdiction.'”  If any company could demand something of you just because you have an account with those sites, that gives them and the justice systems way too much power.  Keep in mind that GeoHot refused donations for his work and does not have a Playstation account and is not subject to their EULA.  Thus this whole case is trumped up due to Sony’s inability to think while in a rage-fit.  😉

I truly hope GeoHot and the rest of them win this case.  We should not be subject to the demands of a company and should be allowed to do as little or as much with our technology as we deem fit.  This is after all what America stands for.  Freedom, not tyranny.  And after reading the ridiculousness of their case against GeoHot, even they don’t have a firm ground to stand on.  I am also glad to see that the Judge realized this and declined to rule on the case, as she has no jurisdiction over him. I hope the next court throws it out.

One (of many) articles on the case.

Anyway, hope you all are having a good day.

King Isaac Linksr

P.S. I am never buying from Sony after this fiasco ever again.  A sue-happy company is a dirty company in my books, especially with trumped up evidence like this.  I hope the rest of you keep this in mind before you go and buy a Sony product.

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