Tidalis again…

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Remember that review of Tidalis I did…..oh for my first real post way back when?  Well, if that excellent review of my favorite PC puzzle-genre game wasn’t enough for you (idk why), then maybe this will encourage you to pick up the game.  Arcen Games has released the web-based light version in BETA mode for free!

“Tidalis Lite is an interesting experiment for us.  It’s completely free, and basically a scaled-down version of the full game.  It’s not a demo — we already have one of those — and yet it’s not quite a full game, either. ” -x4000

So if you don’t feel like downloading the demo of the game, check this out.  Its in beta so its not perfect, but it gives you a great idea of what the game is about.  I think some visuals and audio is missing but overall its solid enough for a web based game.

Blog Post about Tidalis Web Version: http://arcengames.blogspot.com/2011/01/tidalis-lite-first-beta-webplayer.html

Link to the Game: Here.

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