Hey all, its 2011 and this is the first official post of the new year (I am ignoring the last one because that was self-promotion 😉 for the most part).  Its been an interesting start to the new year, but not nearly as bleak and bad as in 2010.  Only issue this year is stupid politicians and dead birds.  Not sure if that’s supposed to signify anything or not.  I for one am happier with how its starting out so far.  I’ve also been happy to see that other people are doing well on my Twitter feed.  Its not all sunshine and rainbows yet, but we are getting there.

College is better than last term, I’m not dealing with a certain teacher anymore and my new Meteorology teacher seems keen on actually teaching his students than just showing up to get a new paycheck.  A welcome reprieve.  Really, I wish all teachers were like this.  It shouldn’t be possible to distinguish teachers from showing-up-for-a-paycheck and those wanting-to-actually-teach.  They should all have the thirst and wish to teach their students about whatever subject it is they are telling us about.  Sadly, I can tell the difference usually by the end of the first class.  So far though, none of my current teachers are giving me the vibe.  I’m not going to lie, if the teacher has no interest in teaching me, I usually have no interest in learning from him/her.  I’ve noticed it a lot with my classes here lately and I guess I’m just more susceptible to it.

So while it has been a better start to the new year than last, I must admit I’m in a bit of a slacking-mood here starting off and its only thanks to my task manager that I’m getting stuff done on time.  Actually, I have a lot to thank for that task manager, I don’t think I would have stayed sane last term and its going to help me a bunch this term.  I’m not sure what that says about me ultimately.  That I need something to tell me when an project or task needs to be accomplished.  At least I’m not dependent upon my Mother anymore, but is that really an improvement that I depend upon something else?  Thoughts?  (And nothing against my Mom on this, but she’s getting tired of having to remind me about every little thing and I don’t blame her, which is why I switched to this last year, to keep myself off of her nerves)  *Shrugs*, who knows. The upside is the teachers are happier with me because I keep assignments turned in on time.

So what am I up to?  Well, as I said, slacking but thinking on new ideas to do.  I am about to implement a personal project of mine that I’ve been wanting to do for the past year and am going to keep it secret for the time being.  Its nothing revolutionary and will only affect myself, but I hope to drop a certain usage of copyright that I am using at the moment.  More details later.  I may also be getting myself involved in another writing project but that is to be determined if I join.  I am waiting to see what they plan to do on it.

I also purchased…well, way too many Steam games over the winter break.  The funny part being that I actually only bought 1/5th the games that I wanted to get.  So while it may not be that many, its too much with my current schedule.  This gives me a ton to do this year, but with the upcoming sequel to Mass Effect 2 (being 3) and a couple others coming out, I’m thinking I might have bough one too many.  Oh well, I didn’t spend too much on them and it gives me a wide variety of games to play depending on my mood.  🙂  iOS wise, that has really fallen apart since I left We Rule.  (Which I am still gone from btw, so don’t bother ordering from me).  I dropped a ton of a games, almost 95% of them being freemium based because I got fed up with them.  Right now, I am playing Words With Friends with 11 people from Twitter since that took off this year.  Lots of fun playing with them, even if I’ve been on a losing streak here lately.  I am still playing Angry Birds and I’m actually really trying to finish that game.  Hard though, but fun :).  Cut the Rope as well and…that’s about it.  I’ve gotten a few recommendations though so I’ll be looking into them.  I’m currently balking at the current thought on the iOS store which is these high-graphic, fancy games for $6.99.  Too battery draining, too buggy and too expensive for my taste.  Especially when games like Infinity Blade add in a freemium setup to a paid-game….uhh, whoops big time busters.  What I really want is a game that can be played in small chunks during the day but has longevity to it.  I don’t know, I can’t quite describe it…not that I’m saying that Angry Birds doesn’t have longevity, but I want a game that has a long-term goal I can work towards.  We Rule was this game for myself, but it has gotten too expensive to play.  (Irony).

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you are all well and that 2011 started out well for you.  Its quite rainy here and my kitty greets you.  🙂
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  1. You forgot to mention Reckless Racing, which is a blast via Internet.

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