Merry Christmas!…

Hey everyone,

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, this will likely be my last post of the year so I’ll see you in the new year.  And what a year this has been.  With so much new technology like the iPhone 4 and iPad, awesome games like Mass Effect 2 and Ai War: Fleet Command, cool apps like Todo from Appigo, Angry Birds, Boxcar, to services like Netflix and Dropbox, and so much more, it sure has been a geeky year to remember.  Even my friend Rick Moyer released his new CD: MW-Orbit and it is really a treat to listen to such good music :).  Too much to remember to be honest so I’m not going to even list all the good stuff we got.  We’ve had our ups and our downs.  Regardless, take the next 48 hours and relax, reflect and spend time with friends and family.  I hope that 2011 is better than this year has been, but this year hasn’t been all bad. Forget the ugly politics, turn off the mainstream news, and I’m sure you’ll be happier.

I also want to thank you who has read this blog, it sure has had its times of quiet and while I’d like to say I’ll be better next year, it probably won’t happen.  I’m just part lazy and part busy ;).  Regardless, thanks for reading and commenting.  🙂 It sure has been fun for me!

Merry Christmas


Your blogger,

King Isaac Linksr


  1. Don’t worry, it’s been a great year! As for turning off the news on all that bullshit, yes, good advice. I don’t really like to pay attention because it’s all just too depressing.

    Do more important stuff…like playing games, watching movies, blogging (hint-hint), and so on. Merry Christmas, see you next year.

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