Thoughts on Video Game Charities…

So I’m sitting here and earlier I had seen a Facebook message about a charity that confuses me. The basic idea is that your donating to a charity via a gamer doing a marathon of gaming. In the case below, for 72 hours straight through.

That is the link to the deal going on, but there are other groups doing similar “services”.

So what is my beef with this event? Well, I am not convinced it is a charity event at all.

I define a charitable action as something that is selfless, sacrifices something and benefits someone or something that is non-profit. So where does Geek Watch go wrong? Well, I can’t defend playing video games for 72 hours in one sitting as self-sacrificing. I think its the exact opposite. The problem I see is that not only is the person benefitting by getting 72 hours to play a video game which is not a sacrifice, but he is getting $$ that supposedly goes to a charity, but how do we know he isn’t scraping something off the top? (and btw, when I say he, I also mean he or she).

And the real question is, Why? Why should I donate my hard earned cash to someone who is only playing video games. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, could put down 72 hours into a video game. There are many reasons why no one does that, such as Real life complications. So why should these people get any sort of special attention? Why don’t I donate my $$ to something that does more benefits for the community? It makes no sense to me why anyone would donate to these people.

I am by no means saying that the charity they are donating to is wrong, but the way they are generating $$ is questionable to me. A great example of a charitable act is Arcen Games, they just donated an entire expansion’s profits to Child’s Play. That expansion costed them time, effort, and $$ to donate to the charity. They sacrificed something to help out the kids. Now, it is true they do get the sympathy vote, the prestige and the attention so its not totally self-sacrificing, but that expansion could have easily put them into bankruptcy.

I guess I’m just trying to understand the mentality of why these events are so special, so important that I should donate $$ to them. These gamers sacrifice nothing and gain everything by it. Bigger egos, prestige and many hours of gaming. They sacrifice nothing to do it. Oh sure, time they lose, but if you plan these events out right, that won’t mess with your schedules too badly.

Anyway, just asking the question and putting food for thought out there. Is this really a charitable act or an ego booster for those involved? I think its the latter, but post a comment and let me know what you think about it.

Have an awesome day everyone and I hope your Thanksgiving/Weekend was just great. 🙂

King Isaac Linksr


  1. Well, you could look at it as they’re sacrificing 3 days that they could have used to do some form of money-making activity to go on a fund-raising drive (of sorts) for a charity. 🙂

    • I guess I could see it that way. Except I could also look at it as a 3 day vacation. Which is totally doable without losing too much $$. Hey, I’d love to take 72 hours off to play Mass Effect 2, I could finally get everything done. Its just slightly suspicious to me…

  2. one can argue that it can go both ways

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