Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: My Review

Hello everyone, welcome to this short review of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Spoiler warning about Movies 1-6.  I’ll be as light as I can on #7.

Suffice it to say, this has been an epic and long journey with the Harry Potter Series.  I personally enjoyed every book and it was with great sorry I had closed the 7th book.  The Movie series gave me the chance to really visualize the HP series, something I had been waiting for.  With The Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secret movies starting off well, I figured there was no way this could go wrong.  However, the Prisoner of Azkaban was not nearly as great, the new director unsure of what to do and the new Professor Dumbledore not being up to snuff compared to the first.  The fourth, Goblet of Fire was a complete disaster in my frankest of opinions.  Characters were not sticking to the book, too many things pulled me out of the movie (like the “marching band”….that was really badly done) and Dumbledore was more aloof than ever.  Movie 5, the Order of the Phoenix was not necessarily bad, but not the greatest either, sticking more-0r-less to the story, but it just lacked something I still can’t place a finger on.  Movie 6, The Half Blood Prince was much more truer to its storyline, but was an altogether flat movie.  There was no “climax” to the movie, no true feeling with that movie.  It felt like the actors were phoning it in.  Again, I can’t point a finger as to why I feel this way, other than they had removed the end battle sequence (a terrible mistake).  Was it the fact that it ended with Dumbledore’s death that caused the movie to be very flatline?  I’m not sure.

Upon checking the IMDB, I can easily find out why The Goblet of Fire was a failure, as it was directed by Mike Newell, who only did 1 Harry Potter movie.  Which explains a lot about that movie really.  Am I saying he’s a bad director?  No, but he came right in the middle and didn’t seem to put a lot into it.  An overall flat-to-bad movie.  David Yates turned the series around however.  As he made 5-7 and were generally solid movies.

So anyway, how about we review the actual movie I said I was going to review.  The Deathly Hallows.

This movie had it all, it had an intensity, the action was well done, if a bit fast paced but their was humor and the scenes felt like being ripped out of the book without losing that spark they held on the pages.  I never once groaned at something being out of place and several of the scenes was like watching my imagination come roaring out onto the big screen.  Although I have to say, the part where Harry and Hermoine do that passionate kiss, I was very surprised.  Talk about wowing the crowd a little bit.  But really, the visuals were all great and well done.  Kreecher, the elf was largely cut from his important role he held in the books.  He shows up oh sure, but his role is greatly reduced and I wonder if we will see him in part 2 or not.

What really impressed me is the acting.  The actors were really digging deep into their roles I felt this movie, from Bella just showing how much more twisted she can be, to Luscious looking like a defeated man, desperate to return to his glory, to the Main trio who were on the ball all the time.   This really helped the movie feel like its own movie, without the actors feeling tired from having done seven movies.  What I am most looking forward to is Snape’s actor in Part 2, as he barely shows up in this movie, due to the lack of his character at the beginning of the book.  Overall, it felt like this was the culmination of seven  movies coming together in this grand finale and I was on the edge of my seat, despite knowing what was going to happen.  That made the movie no less exciting however.

The effects, the music, the scenery was all great.  I really have no complaints about this movie and it was well worth it to see in theaters.  From humor, to melancholy, to excitement, the movie had it all.  I’m still trying to figure out why I enjoy this movie so much.  But for you, that’s good because I had problems with the previous movies.  So go and see it.  I did say this review was going to be short but obviously failed at such.

What can I say at this point?  It was a great movie and I’m glad they are ending on a high note.  I really wish 3-6 could be remade to this standard.  Or at least, number 4.

Now, bring us Part 2 already.  🙂


  1. Um…. When did Harry and Hermione kiss? I thought he only kissed Ginny..?

    • It was before Ron killed the Horcrux. I mean, it was right there for like 10-15 seconds of them making out. Ofc, that’s what the Horcrux wanted Ron to believe was happening. Still, quite the eye opener.

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  3. Bah! That wasn’t a Harry & Hermione kiss.. That was a fake harry & fake hermione kiss! Lol

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