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Has it really been two months (almost) since my last blog post?  Sheesh, I mean, I know time has flown, but not that much.  Ah well.

Its not that I haven’t had time, but in all honesty I just haven’t had anything to write about.  Writing reviews is interesting I guess, but for me its becoming tedious and not so fun.  I’ve switched my iPhone reviews to Appytimes, a podcast done by a couple whacky brits.  And I haven’t purchased anything PC-related to even bother reviewing on this blog so I’ve basically been in a holding pattern with my blog.  There is really nothing to talk about in my life that justifies writing posts, as I have Twitter for that.  Unless you really want detailed reports of each and every homework assignment I have.  I rather doubt that.

I’m actually in the process of reducing my gaming time on We Games.  Its not there is anything wrong, I’m just starting to get “funned out” so I’m playing We Rule primarily, with the other two basically in the background.  I may be completely removing them in the near future, I haven’t decided. I’m trying to avoid burn out.  On the other hand I am playing We Doodle, or attempting to, but it seems like no one else wants to play this game, :(.  It is fun though.

I’ve been getting into Mass Effect 2 again in an effort to “complete” the game.  I have “completed” the game for one character, but decided to completely redo him so I’m in the process of working on that.  But its been lots of fun playing as a Renegade.

So school is keeping me busy and in the off time, I get to play some games, but not much.
Anyway, that’s it.  I’m not gone, I’m just not sure what to do with this blog right now so keep watching and I’ll chat with you all later.

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