Update: about We Farm and more

Hi Everyone,

Yeah yeah, it’s about time I made an update.  Well, here goes.

First off: Just writing to make this official, I am no longer going to be playing We Farm for an unknown period of time. To be honest, playing three We Games is exhausting me and I’m getting tired of We Farm. The game had issues appealing to me early on anyway and with the release of We City, well, my interest is pretty much killed. My Farm will be left intact as there is a chance I’ll return in the future, but until then, please don’t order, your wasting your time.  I blame nothing on Ngmoco as it is a solid game, but We City had long appealed to me before it’s release and We Rule of course rules over them all ;).

Second: We City came out recently and it’s been quite fun.  The detail is quite amazing in what they put in it.  The huge amount of customization only makes me hope they release new realms soon.  They added a lot of pre-content to the game and have pushing even more out so it’s been pretty insane there too.  I’m really enjoying it, it feels like SimCity, but with the best of We Rule’s engine added to it and made for the iPhone.  I will definitely be playing this game for a long time to come.

Third: Not a lot of blog posts, but I have been doing video tests on my Youtube channel, added some rants to my Audioboo and been helping out podcasts as well.  I’d link it all, but that’s a lot so I’ll just let you navigate over to the right of the blog.

Fourth: School is interesting, I’ve had to adapt even though I’ve been prepping for some time.  Blog post about that is incoming but suffice it to say, I’m handling the work load well.  For now.

And that’s it in a nut shell, I hope you guys have a great day and I’ll talk to you later!


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