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Hello everyone, this is a blog post in response to Arcen Games’s recent post on their website,

So everyone who’s read this blog has no doubt read my post about my Tidalis review.  I don’t know if anyone actually went out and bought it upon reading it, so here I am, pushing you to do so.  ;).  So here is what is up, the tl;dr version of Arcen Games’ current state of affairs is that their sales are not doing well.  Story here on their main website: Arcen.  (You’ll have to scroll down for the actual story I’m referring to, named “Love AI War and/or Tidalis?  We could really use your help“)  I am very passionate about this company, even if I don’t play their games all the time.  (Not enough time in the day…:()  It seems that they are suffering from lack-luster sales from a bummer summer.  This is a great tragedy that could result in the company going under and possibly dying.  For a company that shows a lot of promise and willingness to stick to their virtues, even in the toughest of times I simply cannot stand by idle and do nothing.  That is why I’m really pushing you guys to give them a try out.  They aren’t asking for hand outs or to be saved for no reason, they just need sales to pick up again, this due to the fact that the economy is in rough shape.

Why Play Tidalis or Ai War: Fleet Command?  Here are my reasons.

It’s 2-D.  It’s beautiful and rich in color without the Graphic expense that many 3-D games would demand.  Meaning even older vid cards can play these games easily!

It’s a casual game that anyone can like.  Even people like me that don’t like puzzle games at all!

Tidalis is a complex and strategy-minded puzzle game.  In my opinion, it sets a new bar for puzzle games in terms of quality and enjoyment.

Every time you play, you experience something new and fresh that fits in with the game.

These games are cheap!  Would you rather pay Activision (aka the Evil Overlord ;)) $60 for a new title game that you’ll play for maybe a month and put down never to play again?

These games cost $20 at most and expansions much less!

These games have a life measured in months, not weeks.

It’s a company that really listens to player feedback and many features are suggestions from users!

Ai War is a great RTS game that has actual strategy involved and has really evolved with the latest expansion.  It’s breaking the dimensions that RTS’s have worked themselves into.  However, you can still play this casually.  🙂

This list could really go on, so I’ll just send you off to the games themselves and you can find out for yourself.

So yes, check out these games I just can’t recommend them enough, I’ve had a lot of fun playing them and you will too.  Trust me ;).

For those who have already bought Ai War and Tidalis, then donating to them isn’t a bad idea either. You can find the Paypal link on their website.

For those wishing to buy these games, go to Arcen Game’s Main Website or Steam and search: “Arcen Games”.  You’ll find both titles there.

So this is my support post of Arcen Games, and I wish them the best of luck through these hard economic times we are all suffering through right now.  I hope you come out the other side intact and ready to take on a new world.  We need Developers like you!  🙂

Thanks for reading, go pick up these games, they are fun beyond belief and  they even have demos!!!  So go check them out!

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