Now Playing 03…

To brighten things up, here is my Now Playing #03 post for the month.

We Rule and We Farm are still on the top of my list and Godfinger has been re-added for a while.  Nothing new to report here besides the fact that all of them have been getting some nice new content to play with. However, I’ve heard on the grapevine the next We Rule update is going to add some exciting features.

A new game released to the Plus+ servers by Freeverse is Coin Frenzy, a fun little arcade game.  Basically, it’s like any push-coin game at an Arcade.  It’s a Freemium-based model which means that the game and coin generation is free, but of course if you wish to advance rapidly, you gotta pay up.  It’s a fun game and I recommend it for those looking for an Arcade Game.

Still playing Words with Friends and still sucking at it, I won’t deny it but it’s fun to pull out every once in a while.

Picked up Super Laser and iFighter, two top-down shooters that are similar to those arcade games where your an airplane trying to shoot through hordes and hordes of enemies and giant bosses.  Both are on the Plus+ server and have great graphics and are fun to play.

Train Conductor 1 & 2 got a nice update to give them multitasking abilities as well as a new level.

Tunnel Shoot is still in there.  🙂

Angry Birds has been on the sidelines despite the newest update, hopefully I’ll start picking it up again.

And that’s it!  Oh, oops, PC games:

Basically been playing Tidalis from Arcen Games and SWAT 4, an old game made by Sierra.  Also started picking up Mass Effect 2 again and that’s been enjoyable.

So have a great day and I’ll see you later!

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