Yes, I am actually doing a blog post about 9/11.  Believe me, I’m a little surprised myself…

So for those that aren’t in the know, 9/11 marks the day that a group of terrorist extremists of al-Qaeda, based on their own version of Islam, attacked the United States of America in their version of a declaration of war.  By hijacking and slamming two of our planes into the World Trade Centers of New York City and slamming a plane into the Pentagon.  A fourth one aimed at Washington DC, except that the civilians fought back.  If the terrorists had been any luckier, they might have hit the White House or some other national treasure.    The two towers came crumbling down, smashing buildings, windows and the people below.  This happened in the year 2001.  And I can still remember that day.  It is a day that many Americans have burned into their memory.  For myself I remember walking into the Junior High Library and seeing it on TV.  It was shocking, although the full force of what really happened didn’t occur till later that day. This is my Generation’s version of the Attack of Pearl Harbor.  We will never forget.

This was different than before.  Instead of military casualties, nationals of over 70 countries were killed in this coordinated attack.  2,996 dead.  Many more injured.  More were permanently scarred and broken due to this event.  While the damaged Pentagon was fixed in a year, the damage to lower-Manhattan still remains.  The entire area around the World Trade Center buildings is still scarred by the event and few businesses around it are open even to this day. It may not be till 2013 or even further before New York full recovers.  Even then, those that still live there remember and even having our own Air Force One pass low over the city about a year ago caused panic.  That is how damaging this attack was.  When you see posters or pictures in remembrance of the event, you don’t see Soldiers of War in some epic fight scene.  You see Firemen fighting to save lives in the rubble and ruin.  That is a big difference.

For the first time in a long time (and sadly short-lived) the House, the President and the Senate were all unified in one strong cause to protect our nation.  It is sad how quickly that unity fell apart.  To this day, I wonder why further attacks have not happened on our shores.  Conspiracy theorists say one thing and I think another.  Did the terrorists really fear our unified response?  Is that why they only wage a war on our soldiers that is impossible to win?  To make them out to be the underdogs?  I’m afraid these are answers that will not be answered until we ascend to the next level.

Llet us remember what happened this day.  We were attacked, because we didn’t believe in a religion.  Despite what you think, they attacked first, and our response was necessary.  al-Qaeda put 3,000+ lives to death for not believing in Islam.  It has put an additional 4,000+ military soldiers to death for not believing.  Terrorists around the world continue to do damage, to our own allies and even to their own nationality.

Here is a Wikipedia Link for those interested.

Thanks for reading, and remember those lost for they were our brothers and sisters in-arms.

King Isaac Linksr


  1. Hey man, these aren’t the Islamic beliefs. al-Qaeda was acting on their own twisted version of Islam. This isn’t the way many feel towards us, it’s just the way they happened to believe.

  2. I know, I said based on Islamic beliefs for a reason ;). There are all sorts of Christian sects who base their belief on the Bible, accurate or inaccurate as they may be. 😉


    • Yeah, well I think maybe you should make it a touch more obvious that’s it isn’t their direct belief. In my experience, a good deal of people would interpret what you wrote as, “Look! Islamic people will kill us because we don’t believe in their God!”

      (I’m sorry if what I’m saying “sounds” condescending, it’s kinda hard to express verbal tone in words…just saying their are enough people that won’t understand to warrant changing in my opinion.)

  3. Curiosity made me click… I don’t know what to say. I think 9/11/01 sucked but I also think that everyone is aware of it and saying “remember this!” is belittling our abilities to recall the events. On 9/11/10 I lost a facebook friend (my mom’s best friend) and angered 2 of my close friends for my opinion on this day. People died and people cried and more people died when we went to war. I don’t understand war. Why do we have to kill each other to prove any kind of point? It doesn’t make sense. There is enough pain and suffering without war and with it we get death and mental anguish. What is good about that? Nothing!

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