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I’m just going to be make a blanket statement to take effect from here on out.  I’m right now prepping and concentrating on College.  What does that mean?  Likely a lot of things delayed and pushed aside.  Who knows, maybe I’ll actually concentrate and get things done faster, wouldn’t that be a shock.  It’s not like I’m doing anything important anyway here.  But, your reading, so obviously it’s of some importance.

Review wise, I’m kinda dry on what next to review.  PC-gaming is starting to slow down for me, as is only natural, but come to think of it, there is one, maybe two games I can review before college starts up.  Fingers crossed I’ll get them done.  iPod wise, we’ll see.  I’m actually sending reviews to Appytimes, a podcast done by a couple of Brits who are friends of mine.  It’s all about free or cheap applications for the iPhone/iPod touch.  I’ve sent them a couple of audio reviews so if your even vaguely interested, check them out, I act like a complete goof in one.  Sort of.  I did a review of Boxcar, a cool push-notification utility app that is useful for email, twitter and more, including RSS, so you could add my RSS feed to your iPod and get immediate notification of one of my rare posts ;). I also sent them another review and am currently working on more so I hope to help out these cool people enrich their podcast.  These are, for the most part, Appytimes-Exclusive reviews.  This means, if I reviewed it on their Podcast, I will not write a blog or do an Audioboo/Youtube deal about it.  This is more for my sanity’s sake so I can just keep reviews to one format, rather than multiple formats.  I didn’t make a deal with the Appytimes producer to keep them exclusive, I just made the rule for myself.  I’m lazy enough as it is.  😉

In Apple News, I’m sure everyone’s heard about the new iPods.  I’m not going to go into great detail about them, because I’m sure you have, unless I happen to purchase them.  I do like the newly designed Nano, and I’ll be honest, I think this is the first generation of the Nano to actually mean what it says.  It’s a Nano-iPod.  However, it’s switch to a touchscreen makes me think that the Classic line of iPods is dead.  A pity, because I always liked the storage space.  We’ll have to see if Jobs really did put an ax into this line in the future, as he has yet to say otherwise.  The Shuffle’s return to the old is good imo, because I never would have bought the 3rd gen’s mini model.  That is way too easy to lose $45.  🙂  The iPod touch 4th Gen now makes it a watered down version of the iPhone 4, more than the 3rd Gen was to the 3Gs, making it very attractive for me to buy.  I have yet to decide on what I’m going to do about this.  But I am leaning in the Phone direction.

Also, iOS4.1 and many app updates are now out.  From all indications and sources, 3G phones and 2nd gen iThingys, are now, for the most part, repaired and back to normal.  I’ve even heard that We Rule is 75% less crashy.  Was very happy to hear that Jobs has finally gotten around to fixing those two models, maybe some friends of mine will finally pick up We Rule again.  🙂 Various apps like Farmville and Flight Control are already adding Apple’s Game Center to their games.  I’ll give my two quick thoughts on Game Center,

It’s not going to overthrow Plus+ or OpenFeint.  Why?  Well, all Game Center really gives us is a new Scoreboard system and Achievements.  Nothing wrong with this, but this is nothing really new compared to the competitors, who already have these features. And, let’s face it, variety and competition make for a healthy market or app store.  Plus+ and OF are also not restricted to just new devices and work on all iDevices.  Open Feint also has ported to Android so this really helps it along.  I know on one fan forum about We Rule there was speculation that Apple would force Plus+ to port to Game Center.  I really, really doubt this.  Ngmoco is a big supporter of Apple products with games like We Rule, Eliminate and so many others that I don’t think they’ll force a lot of anything on them.  Heck, Eliminate Gun Range uses the iPhone’s Gyro-stabilizer perfectly.  And that game came right after the iPhone 4’s release.  (Which btw, my gamer nickname on OF, Plus+ and Game Center, is as always, KingIsaacLinksr).

In other news, I’m working on a different sort of video, keep an eye on my channel I should have it released “soon”.  You should also check out my friend, Daniel Elfer’s channel as he has started a video blog that I really hope he keeps on doing.  🙂  I really found his outtakes to be very amusing and he at least has a sanity to his insanity….for making these videos.  If you can figure that statement out, it means your insane.  😉

And that’s that.  I hope everyone has had a great week and let’s get ready for the new fiscal year.  woooooo 😉

King Isaac Linksr

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