Treks-In-Sci-Fi, Three Years Later…

Welcome to another musing by myself, put your feet up, drink some Root Beer, and read, what I felt like writing.  😉

I couldn’t believe it when I heard that one of my favorite podcasts turned five years old.  I could believe it less that after checking my account info, that I was a three year old+ member of the forum.  Has it really been three years?  Makes me feel old.  😉  It started so long ago, upon receiving a 2nd Generation iPod Nano for Christmas.  I had my laptop at the time and immediately synced all my music to it.  However, I decided I’d try out podcasts, which I was a complete stranger to them.  I just rapidly looked through the iTunes store for a Trek podcast, which Rico’s was the first and to this day, my only Star Trek podcast.  Now, I might listen to podcasts that reference Star Trek from time to time, Rico Dostie has stayed the constant source of information on Star Trek.

It’s funny, but my iPod got me started on a path, getting involved with many things, from various podcasts, to forums and even social networking really.  For that, I’m grateful to Apple.  If I had gotten the Zune, would I have gotten into podcasting as well?  I’m not sure, maybe, probably.

But back to my main topic.  TSF was really the first forum I latched onto.  The community to this day has been an extended Geek family for me.  I’m not sure how Rico did it, but it’s definitely got a family feeling.  No flaming, no huge egos, just a place where you can discuss and have a difference of opinions without vicious lashing out against you.  I’ll admit, I certainly went through a growth period and I upset people from time to time.  I won’t deny this, but it has formed me into the poster I am today…a work-in-progress.  I’m still working on it, I’ll admit.  I speak my mind and sometimes that can lead to hurt feelings.  While I think the members of TSF have gotten used to me, I still tend to edit my posts about five times after I post to….fix what I said.

I am still an active member of TSF.  After three years.  No other forum has held me for that long.  Simply put, most other forums burn you out from excessive drama and the flame wars.  Some just die off.  I wish more would model themselves after TSF, but sadly they don’t.  Their choice I guess.  I was involved in the forum’s experiment, the RPG story which unfortunately came to a stop some time ago.  This Sci-Fi fiction epic was really fun to write for.  For those who don’t know, it was a Star Trek-verse story told in the future after the events of Insurrection, all aboard a Starship named the Tiberius.  This eventually became the Arabella.  Featuring a lot of unique characters and a very diverse crew.  We had 11 seasons of the RPG and that was impressive that we got that much writing in.  Admittedly, this was none of my best work, but it certainly gave me a push to write, which led to this blog being formed.  I hope to do something like this again in the near future.

About the podcast.  Well, I submitted my comments onto the show Rico had to celebrate the five year anniversary, but I thought I’d just through out a few here.  His podcast quality is always improving.  His unique formats he’s created keeps the shows fresh each week he does them.  From the occasional Skype call with members of the forum, to guest hosts to full-blown episode commentary, you can be sure he’ll do something different each week.  And while the podcast is grounded in Star Trek, Rico has covered Indiana Jones, Wizard of OZ, Batman and so many other geeky topics.  It’s always a treat when he or someone else reports on a Trekkie Con.   I have no doubt this podcast will always be in my iTunes library, taking up my precious megabytes.  🙂

For the many wonderful memories and hours of enjoyable geeky content, thanks to you Rico.  Thanks to you, I got to meet several friends.  They know who they are, thanks for providing the community Rico.  Pleasent journey through the stars.  🙂

Thanks for reading and have an awesome sunny day.  Even if it’s raining.  🙂

King Isaac Linksr


  1. Great Blog Tim. I’m glad I met you on Treks in Sci Fi.

  2. That’s funny, an iPod and TSF is what got me into social networking too, just more recently. I never joined the forums though… I don’t know if I’d have anything good to say there, as I’m not really “in” on all that stuff as much as I’d like.

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