Minor Bit…

Hey Guys and Gals,

Just thought I’d write up a quick update.  Basically, I am very busy right now, what with the adjustment to school, getting books and thinking about what I need.  Been playing quite a number of video games too, considering I don’t get a vacation before school starts.  At all.  Bummer…  Still debating on my next phone, even though I’m more convinced I want an iPhone.  Company reputations aside, I think it’ll fit my needs where the Droids do not hold the same promise for me. Even talking with other people has done nothing to change my mind, and I try and be open too.  The HTC desire came close, but it’s not available for US residents so I’m a bit bummed by that.

And I’ve been playing a lot of We Rule lately, what with the newly announced contest by the fan site of We Rule, I’ve been spending coins like crazy, trying to get a good realm.  The reward being iTunes $$.  Yes, real life $$.  Very cool imo. Link is HERE.  You’ve got about 6 days left to submit your realm.  But only 1 realm per account.  I suggest trying at least, got nothing to lose.

PC wise, I’ve tried out an old game called Open Transport Tycooon Deluxe.  An ok game for being so old, but it does lack challenges.  Been also trying to get back into Ai War.  That has been hit and miss so far.

And that’s about it.  I’ve been doing a lot of setting tweaks on my blog, Twitter and Facebook here lately so I haven’t done anything that I can show anyone.

As always, have an excellent weekend!

King Isaac Linksr

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