Now Playing #02

So this is the new week of what I’m Now Playing, on my iPod Touch.

It’s actually been slow on this front.  I’ve added a bunch of PC games within half a month thanks to a crazy friend of mine :P. But here goes!

We Rule and We Farm are obviously in this list.  Been having fun with both games and so far this doesn’t look like it’ll stop soon. We Kingdom page is always being updated though I believe it is still slightly behind so I will get around to fixing this in the coming days.

I am still playing Angry Birds off and on.  It’s not that I don’t like the game anymore, it’s just not on my priority to play and I’m lacking the time to play it.

Words with Friends from time to time.

Train Conductor 2: USA has been on a bit of hiatus as I take a break from it after doing a spam-fest of playing.  Still fun though :D.

TI Space: Currently random.

SW Hoth: Same as TI Space.

Tunnel Shoot:  This is my new favorite “pointless fun” game.  The graphics are great and the movement is smooth and clean.  The basic gist of this game is your flying in a space ship in a colorful tunnel, shooting objects and avoiding dying.  You get three lives, bombs that replenish and shields.  What I really like is that if you don’t hit an object quite head on, you’ll sorta “bounce” off of it, avoiding death.  This is a fun game if you just want something to do once in a while.

Strike Knight: It’s basically an advanced version of bowling.  Just playing once in a while.

Not much to talk about in this post, just haven’t found anything new as of yet, but I’ve downloaded a bunch to test later on so hopefully next post I’ll have more.

Have a great day!


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