Hey everyone, this is just a short review of the movie “9”.

So this came out of my Netflix queue just tonight.  For those of you who don’t know, 9 is the animated flick co produced by Tim Burton.  It’s about ragdolls fighting the machines in the future of a post-apocalyptic world.  At least, that’s the general setting of the story.  It starts from the perspective from 9, the 9th ragdoll to exist in this world.  It’s dark, got action and a story.  So what is my opinion on it?

It’s ok.  It’s a pity, but this movie is basically ok, i liked the ride and the movie in general, but overall, it’s ok.  The setting that this movie takes place in could have been explored further.  But the story got flat.  The ending was not the best either and didn’t sit well with me. Overall the story was lazy.  It never answered some of the big questions of the movie.  The big one being “why”.  It does have an overdone plotline that is so a-typical of Sci-Fi movies.  And that does cause some detraction from the visuals.  I wish they could have explored this universe more.  It is a relatively short movie so why not?  That would have made the movie deeper and more interesting.  Instead, they just glaze over it and hoped the pretty visuals keep you distracted.  That worked only in Avatar, tsk tsk Tim B.

What’s good about this movie is the animation.  The dark tone and setting, the way the puppets move and interact was all well done.  There was some movement scenes where the animation slightly failed and reminded me of some of the trailers of James and the Giant Peach.  The machines were creatively crafted and moved well.  The action was actually well done. It is a rather graphic movie and is not easy on children.  That kinda surprised me as animation rarely goes dark in terms of violence.  The setting is what really sold me and I’m sure a lot of people to see this movie.  It was mysterious and new.  It’s a pity that is all it had going for itself, was just the setting.  This made the movie stand out to me was this new, interesting world.

Overall, it’s decent.  I’d recommend renting, as buying this is not worth it.

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  1. You forgot to mention the setting in the movie. My biggest “like” with this movie was the fact that everything felt so wierd and alien that you couldn’t look away for the risk of missing something. The movie gave me a true sense of “saga” and exploration.

    That, in my opinion, was it’s strongest…err..thing.

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