This is an update?…

Hello and welcome to the fire…err…blog post.  Put your feet up and let me…..I have no idea where I’m going with this train of thought.

So what’s up?  To be honest, not much.  I’m currently in August, the Adjustment month.  This is where I begin adjusting my life to the reality of full time student at college.  It’s been two years so it’ll still be a shock to the system, but I’ll live this time.  While it is still around two months away, I’m doing it now so I’m not in a panic later. Will be registering for classes here soon, it’ll be four classes initially, with the possibility of them being five in Winter and Spring.  *cringe* It should be fun.

PC Games?  Just finished Starcraft 2 on Campaign normal mode.  I have to say, someone was watching too much Firefly when they made the story.  BUT, that is in no way a bad thing :D.  It was epic from beginning to end.  The one thing I was annoyed with was the ending.  It just wasn’t enough, which means I crave more, which means Blizzard are bastards because they know this is everyone’s reaction to the ending and they know they got us hooked line and sinker.  Darnit….;)  I might do a review of the full version of this game sometime down the road, but it won’t be soon.  I won’t it to be explored as much as possible before I do anything.

Otherwise I got introduced to Two Action RTS games, League of Legends & Demigod.  I haven’t played this type of game since Starcraft’s custom maps way back when.  Obviously these are more finished and complete than Starcraft.  My opinion of LoL isn’t that great.  It feels like WoW in a less personal way.  You can get killed time and time again, lose and lose again and have no way of figuring out why.  Makes it frustrating.  Demigod I just played so I don’t have an opinion on it.

As for the blog I am actually going to be crafting a short story to be published here.  Now that I think about it, it’s going to be more of an excerpt from the main story than an actual story.  It’ll be done this Saturday at the earliest.  Should be fun and different to read from the normal reviews I post on this blog.

I will also be doing some audioboos here soon.  Keep an eye out on that channel.

I am currently working on a interesting video as well.  No eta on that.

And that’s that folks.  I hope you’ve all had a great week and keep your shields strong.


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