What’s In My Name?…

Hello there!

So while I am sitting here, I’ve been asked several times over the course of time for an explanation about my name, KingIsaacLinksr. What does it stand for, why is it my nickname, etc. I decided it’s time to explain my nickname.

It actually started a long time ago in my days of World of Warcraft. I had started about half a year before Burning Crusade came out. My first true character I created was Linksr, a Human Paladin on the Andorhal server. This was actually my first MMO I had ever played. Since I was really into Legend of Zelda at the time and fantasy in general, I tried to make a character that was as similar to him as possible. Obviously his name, Link, had already been claimed. So after throwing around different variations through my head, I looked at my computer’s (way old computer) wireless antenna for the internet at the time. It was made by the company known as Linksys. So putting two and two together, I came up with Linksr. If you can follow the logic behind that, great. I don’t know how you did. Over the course of Wow, I eventually created a guild, The Hylians, which I had setup as a role-play type of guild. On a PVP server. Again, if you can follow the logic, congrats. =P So I setup a list of roles for the Guild, with myself being the “King”. Thus, this is where King came from. It was a high-time in WoW for myself. The guild eventually fell apart after the Burning Crusade expansion and my interest died much later.

On the eve of my interest in WoW dying, I became interested in Treks-In-Sci-Fi‘s RPG story. Since Linksr wasn’t a very sci-fi name, I went with a name I had thought of a long time ago, Isaac Starstriker. Absolutely no relation to Luke Skywalker. After that time came and went with some of my best and worst writing I’ve ever done for a role-playing deal, I gained new friends from the experience though. I am still involved with the forum to this day. After leaving the RPG story and taking a long writing hiatus, I eventually decided to re-enter the writing deal and found myself writing this blog. It would be great though if I could write for fantasy or sci fi again.

On a side note, I became involved with the MMO of Eve Online. My main character, Isaac Starstriker, was borrowed from the RPG story. While it had been intended for a Star Trek MMO which hadn’t been released until recently, I had adapted him for use in the Eve Online universe. I have since retired from Eve and have no plans on returning for the near future. It’s questionable if I’ll ever return though.

Now a common nickname I was given over the years was “King” especially on forums. I have let this nickname stand and it was eventually combined to KingLinksr. However, since I have a close attachment to the character of Isaac, I decided to add to the name to make it the full, KingIsaacLinksr. This name combines my three great loves, Role-playing, Fantasy, and of course, Sci-Fi. Since I decided on this, it has stuck and I commonly use this name or it’s shorter versions to name my characters and/or user name. If you see KingIsaacLinksr, it is most likely the original article.

There you go, That is the history of my name, the meaning and the purpose of it. I revealed quite a bit about myself in the same shot as well. If you have any further questions about my name or this blog, please leave a comment and I will reply as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading and have a glorious day!

King Isaac Linksr

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