Update Me!…

This is just another short update I thought I’d throw out there, while typing on my iThingy outside in the nice, cool evening sun. Gotta love Bluetooth Keyboards.

Of course, while I’m typing, my dog is licking up my legs like he’s going to eat me or something. Yuck.

So nothing new really, just wanting to get some thing published, but I do have a few questions to ask people, do you use Audioboo? If so, why?

Also, hoping to test out the free version of Netflix tonight to see what all the fuss is about, followed up by Hulu+. Since it’s free, it doesn’t cost me anything but time. Or so I hope…

If I had to guess I’ll probably go with Netflix, but that’d be predicting so none of that. 🙂

With that, everyone be safe.


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