Update for the week…

Just a quick blog post updating you guys.  I am currently working on three reviews which should be coming out soon enough.  Why three?  Because I’m nuts.  That’s why.  😛

No new PC games here lately, but having some fun with Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.  If any US TZ player is out there that plays this game is looking for an opponent, I would be glad to challenge you.

iPod games, well I found two Openfeint-supported games, TI Space & Star Wars: Battle For Hoth.  Both seem worth the cost.  Although I’d say with Star Wars your paying $2.00 for the Lucas name tbh.  Another game you should look at is Air Attack.  This game seems to be promising, though I’ve played very little of it so far.  Currently on the top Paid Downloaded apps, but there is a light version, so check it out.

A short review of the ForceCast App, it is an “ok” app, but to be quite honest, it is not all that great.  Upside is you can download shows on the road easily and get bonus content, but it has limited background running capabilties, crashes easily and doesn’t do that much compared to the built in music player which easily handles podcasts now.  Also, it has a hard time remembering your place in the podcast.  For these two hour shows, that is rather important to me as I need my place to be kept, otherwise I just throw my hands up in the air.  So maybe it’ll work for you, but only buy it if you also want to donate to the show at the same time.  Otherwise you’ll just get easily frustrated.

Started watching Buffy, and while I am not a fan of the opening music, this show is actually intriguing to me.  No opinion yet as it’s too early.  Also started watching Eureka…at season 4.  Would be nice if I could watch all the seasons, but I do not have Hulu+ or Netflix right now.  This might be changing.

Oh and an app that seems to be under appreciated for Twitter that I highly recommend is TwitBird.  There is currently a free and paid version of this app.  They just released new features like Tweet-to-speech capabilities.  If that isn’t cool, idk what is.  It’s stable, has push notifications, and is a strong mobile browser of Twitter.  Get the free version.  At least you don’t lose any $$.

Also have a new blog page “We Rule”.  This page showcases the different realms in We Rule so you can easily find your building without having to look around in-game.  I’ll try and keep it up to date every week, but it might turn into a bi-monthly deal.  Haven’t decided quite yet.

So with that, I wish all you excellent people a great day.  Keep your arrows straight and true!


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