Hey everyone,

Just posting this to say I haven’t stopped blogging.  The nitty gritty if you aren’t following me on Twitter is that my college term just ended today of which I am immensely happy with that.  And the grades I got from the successful ending. Right now, I am looking for a new job.  Period.

So what does this mean for A Paladin Without A Crusade, well, it means I’ll be posting more stuff as time goes on.  I’m kinda hoping to get into more micro-posts, but I find that it’s better to do it with Twitter.  So I’ll try and find a happy medium one of these days. I am also upgrading my iPod touch here soon so I’ll be able to do more mobile posts.  My plan right now is to do another review soon.  I am also hoping to flex my role playing writing and do a post there as well, but haven’t really figured out that part yet.  It’s difficult when people don’t understand the context. Finally, I want to do a couple Youtube videos soon.  I do, fortunately, know what I want to do there.

So thank you everyone that has read the blog.  Let’s begin the summer edition.

King Isaac Linksr

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