Interactive Gaming…

Interactive gaming…has it gone too far?

I sit here pondering this question.  Not too many years ago we were introduced to Nintendo’s latest gaming console, the Wii.  I myself have had the privilege of playing this system a couple times.  The only reason I have not bought the Wii or others is due to reasons I’ll talk about in another post in the future. Suffice to say that $$ is a major, but not only, factor. The Wii is generally fun. But I can see why many gamers have no wish to play it. The lack of HD graphics, the movements that can be silly and lack of “hardcore” gaming is why. The Wii has secured the casual gaming market, that part is pretty obvious. Compared to the other two competing consoles, it is the lacking system. Although I would take a Wii over the 360’s hardware problems.

So while many in the gaming community mocked the Wii for its controllers and the experience, it seems that Microsoft and Sony felt the need to weigh in. Both of their responses were, at best silly and at worst unnecessary. I’ll never figure out why they wanted to weigh on this part of the market. Is it really that popular? Were people really demanding that both consoles get this functionality? While I am not as tuned into the gaming community as I used to be, I have not heard any complaints that Wii’s idea should be imported to either consoles. So why now?

These days I am comparing this response from Microsoft & Sony to the Wii like 3-D movies are to Avatar. They all suddenly think its a great idea because one person(s) did a good job at it but they fall short and its a wasted product. A cool idea, but few have implemented it well. Its why 3-D has yet to really catch on before now and even now the demand does not seem that high. Only Hollywood makes it seem like a big deal with their 3-D releases.

I am not sold on either 3-D or interactive gaming. (Sorry for that sudden tangent) The technology is not well implemented and has a long way to go before it is ready.


I am curious to gauge what you think. Is interactive gaming at this point the next step? Or still off in the future? Or is it ok as it is?  Leave comments.

Thanks for reading!

King Isaac Linksr

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