Of Lost…

I just want to say two things first off.  This will be a LONG post. It will NOT be spoiler free.  It is also my opinion.

Second: Thank you Jack Sheppard, Kate, Sawyer, Lock, Hugo, Sayeed, Ben, and everyone else on Lost for 6 years of the best Television ever.  You are up there with Star Trek, Star Wars and so many other great classics.  I will miss you and the wonderful characters that you presented us all.  The rich story, the mystery and intrigue.

This is a drama that broke ground and will be remembered for a lifetime.  So many characters, so many stories, its hard to remember it all.  I see the visions come back to me as I screamed at the TV for more, MORE, MORE!!!!  And yet now, I cannot help but tear up at the fact that one of my favorite shows will be forever at an end.  There is no true description of LOST, you have to experience it, to breathe it in, to let it flow through you and to enjoy the ride.

The ending was handled in the best of Lost fashion.  Open to interpretation but concluding a story of epicness that has lasted so long from beginning to end. My best theory is that the island is real and that everything that happened on it, happened.  People were tested to see their true character, before passing on into the next life.  They met their end with joy and happiness and fulfillment.  Is that not what we all seek in this life?  I don’t believe that the things that happened didn’t.  It happened, the people died and moved on.  It is a tale of Good VS Evil, Belief VS Fact, Faith against Science.  But despite this black and white tale, it has a lot of shades of gray.  This is what made LOST so good over the years. It is why we kept coming back, for these people, the stories and the mystery.

We ended with Jack and the gang going into the light.  Its why I believe that the island is the middle ground.  Where we can meet our ending to our satisfaction.  Look at Rose and her husband.  They are living a normal and happy life together.  Jack saves the island and makes a difference.  Ben finally achieves what he wanted to be the 2nd person in charge.  He never wanted leadership, but he wished to be important.  So many other characters did what they wanted and died they way they could have asked.  While it cannot be said true for everyone who died that they died with joy, I think that was the intent of the island.  To be this place of great trial.  To give people a second chance to start again.  They would then die and go on. The battle was to right the wrong that had been done to the island.  To free the spirits trapped on the island due to Jacob’s rule.  Hugo coming to be the leader freed everyone from the island, to no longer be trapped.  Richard was free to live out the rest of his days.  The dead can move on.

Jack and the others created their own place.  To find each other again as seen in the side-flash universe.  They met each other again and passed on into the void.  It is the cycle of life.  Did they all die in the plane crash?  Why put them through so much?  Questions, that will never be answered.  In this case, I prefer it this way.  We all wanted LOST to be answered, but I think truly we did not want the mystery of it to end.  Its what makes the show so unique.  The human story and the mystery.

The final battle, between Jack and Lock.  I am not sure how to interpret this.  I think it was merely to destroy the darkness that we have in all of us.  The final clash of titans.  However, neither one.  Hugo being the true protector shows that it is not one side or the other that must lead, but the balance of both.  It also shows that this world cannot be polarized, we must accept the shades of gray and not be black and white with our interpretation of the world.  Both Jacob and the man in black were wrong in how they handled things.  Jacob, while creating free will almost didn’t.  Forcing people to live out cruel and harsh lives on the island, trapped.  The man in black was for himself, murdering as he pleased and handled judge, jury and executioner.  But both felt that they were in the right.  Interested how people view the world.  The Man in Black, Jacob, both could be seen as evil forces.  Both could also be seen as good forces.  Its all interpretation.

The ending, the story, its all open to interpretation.  It is ultimately what you believe happened, happened.  Lazy writing?  Maybe.  Stupid?  Nah.  I think it worked perfectly.  The best way they could have ended it.  I might point out that they answered many questions throughout the seasons.  We just have to open our eyes to the truth staring at us right in the face.  Then, and only then, will we find peace with this story.  I think the writers wrote it perfectly, so that through watching it, again, that we will answer the great questions we have about it all.  What it gave us was conslusion to these characters.  A finish to them.  Jack died where he started.  They all got to see each other again.  The island was saved, balance was restored and the universe was in check.

I loved this show.  I may not have said it before but in the end, I loved it.  Despite what people will say, I will look upon this time with a fondness that compares to Star Trek and other shows.  And really, it is not the ending, but the journey that brings us great joy, is it not?  This is the end.  It was a glorious journey though.  And I loved every second of it.  Even if I screamed at the TV in frustration at the lack of answers.  But is that not life?  Lack of answers, lots of questions?  This show is so deep that I think its a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  We will never have another show like this.

We cheered for Locke, the man who tried to find faith and believed in destiny.

For Hugo, the one that made us laugh as he cared for others.

We cheered for Kate, a murderer who tried to do the right thing.

For Sayeed, the torturer who struggled with his dark past.

For Jack who’s father cast a shadow over him as he tried to be the leader.

For Sawyer the Cowboy that toyed with the line.

For Richard, the man who never died, trying to seek a purpose.

For Juliet who tried to unravel the baby mystery.

For Mr. Eko, who tried to lead by faith.

For Ana who fought to protect others.

For Daniel who tried to unravel the secrets of the island.

For Desmond, a man trying to escape his fate and be with his love.

For the Kwons, who tried to be free, separated a lot, but always together.

For Frank the pilot.

For Charlotte the woman who loved.

For Ben, the slimball of the century and yet one of my favorite characters of all time.

For Claire who did her best at being a mother.

For Charlie, the hit rock drug addicted singer who tried to turn his life around.

Jacob, the good one.

For The Man in Black, evil in shades of gray.

For Rouseeau, Ethan, Tom, Aaron, Widmore, Penny, Naomi, Zoe, and so many other characters on this show.

Oh the sweet, joyous memories.

From all of your fans of Six Years, (Oceanic 6, nice) we thank you.  I thank you. It has been a wild, great and exciting ride.  I wish it didn’t have to end, but all stories, all adventures must one day end.  Thank you for the ending you provided.  Thank you, for this masterpiece that you gave us.

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